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About Absolute

Based in central Pennslyvania, Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions is providing solar systems that can power your home or company.

About Us

Story Behind Absolute

In 1984, Rick Fortney took a leap of faith when he left a secure job as a union carpenter to begin his own construction company. Fortney Construction Inc. began its first job in Avalon, New Jersey. Temporarily moving his wife and three small children a hundred miles away from their home was no easy task, but it gave Rick the motivation to continue in self employment. Upon moving back to the Harrisburg area, Rick continued to work independently. Despite the many up's and down's the family business has seen in the past 27 years, Fortney Construction continues to grow much of their client base through referrals and repeat customers. With a reputation that proceeds him, Rick is known in Central Pennslyvania as an honest, hardworking family man.

Fortney Construction

Fortney Construction wasn't dubbed a 'family business' lightly. With Rick's wife doing the bookkeeping and all four children working at the business at one point in their lives, the name was well-earned. Rick's son, Devin, followed in his father's foot steps when he attended a technical school and learned the construction trade. Since his high school graduation, Devin has been working at Fortney Construction and has held several positions including his most recent titles as estimator and field manager. Although reaching office status was fulfilling for Devin, he began to broaden his interests to things outside of construction. In the summer of 2010, after attending several classes on renewable energy, Devin became intrigued by the technology surrounding solar energy. Discovering the economical value of installing such a system for your home or business prompted Devin to partner with his father, Rick, and his sister, Emily, to start Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions, LLC.

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