What sort of maintenance is required for a Solar Pv system?

Very little to none. Normal rain showers will wash away any dirt and debris that might lower your power production. In the event of a long dry spell, you may want to hose of your system to stay at peak performance.

How long does it take to install a Solar Pv system?

Typically 2-7 days for a roof mounted system. If installing a ground mount, or having other structural work performed, more time will be needed. From the signing of your contract it can take several week or months for product to arrive but actual installation time is about one week.

Can I monitor how much power my system is producing?

Yes. There are several ways to monitor you Solar Pv system. 1. You can manually track the kilowatt production using your electric meter. 2. You can also use your Pathfinder (provided with your Enphase inverters) to see total kilowatt production. 3. The easiest way to track production is through a program called Enlighten. Enlighten is available for customers who use Enphase micro inverters. You can log onto Enlighten via the internet with your unique username and password 24/7. Enlighten gives you detailed reports of how much power your system produces. This program is offered free for Enphase customers.

What are Enphase micro inverters and why does Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions install them?

Enphase micro inverters are small inverters that attach to each Pv panel in your system. We use Enphase inverters because they are a high quality product, and they provide us with more detailed monitoring which makes repair and replacement simple and easy. For more information on Enphase inverters please visit www.enphaseenergy.com.

What incentives are currently being offered for installing a Solar Pv or Solar Thermal system?

Please see our Incentives page for details.

Does Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions offer a free estimate?

Yes. You can go here to provide us with some basic information so we can give you a quick quote. Or you can call us at 717.982.8222 to set up a time to meet. We will also provide you with a free site survey to give you the most accurate estimate.

How can I eliminate my electric bill with a Solar Pv system?

Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions can design a system based on your previous electric bill that will match the amount of energy your household typically uses.

Can I install a Solar Pv and hot water system on my roof?

Yes. These types of systems are called hybrid systems. Hybrid systems are a great way to save on energy costs without making the full investment in a large Pv system.

Does Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions offer financing?

No. We have three billing periods; 1. down payment of $350.00, 2. 30% of contracted price to be received before products are ordered, 3. Final payment of remaining balance when system is complete and running properly.

What happens when a panel or inverter stops working properly?

Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions will be notified quickly via our Enlighten system if something is not working properly. In the event of a failed inverter, Enphase offers a 15 year product warranty and will replace the inverter in a timely manner. Depending on the brand of panel you choose to purchase, most companies will replace a damaged or faulty panel at no charge while under their warranty. Also, Absolute Solar and Energy Solutions has a 5 year labor and installation warranty.

Whats the difference between SREC's and AEC's?

There is no difference. Please go here for more details on SREC's and AEC's.

Do you install commercial Solar Pv systems?


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